The O Pod

Super Fast Heat

Simply pop your selected roller into the pod and it'll be ready to use in less than four seconds

Limitless Styling Options

With several sizes of roller to choose from you can create an array of looks. Choose the extra large 60 mm rollers for longer hair and bigger lift, or smaller rollers for a tighter finish.

Heat on Demand

Heating one roller at a time means you can take as little or as long as you like when styling, and because the rollers heat in seconds, you'll always have heat on hand just as soon as you want it.


Because you only heat the rollers you need, and in only a few seconds, The O is energy efficient and uses 7 times less power than traditional heated rollers.

R 2975.00
Price includes:

Stylish presentation box

Warranty: One year
Payments: Fully secure
Authenticity: Warranty
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