The O Ultimate Set

R 4390.00

The O pod
4 x 30mm Rollers
4 x 40mm Rollers
4 x 50mm Rollers

Amplify Spray
12 x Clips
Luxury Case

The O Pod

R 2975.00

The O Pod
Stylish Presentation Box

The O Amplify Spray

R 295.00

150ml Bottle Amplfy Spray

The O Rollers

(Each pack contains 4 rollers)
R 343.00

The O Clips

(Each pack contains 4 clips)
R 85.00
Size 1
Size 2

How much Volume can you handle?

Our groundbreaking The O is a styling sensation, which transforms the heated roller experience completely. Simply place your heated rollers in the pod and in less than four seconds theyre ready to roll.

Our unique induction heating system means the temperature builds slowly from the core, which protects both your fingers and your hair! Upon reaching 130° they begin to cool, leaving your hair with lasting shine, hold and definition.

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